24 Forever is how we describe continuous operation, because a data centre must be ‘always on’ for the 10-15 years of its operating contract. Achieving ‘availability without interruption’ is a holistic process requiring thought-through design, careful focus on the specification, methods and details of construction, tight operational process, and robust systems and controls. It is the strengths of our people and the rich team knowledge gained across a variety of industries and strong core processes that enables us to provide the consistent delivery and security of
operation that our customers demand.


We keep our designs simple to limit the opportunity for mistakes, using the highest quality components to ensure reliability. Elegant engineering solutions inevitably make operation simpler. When human factors are the highest cause of data centre outages we take the opportunity to design risks out. Linear flows of power are carefully configured to create the opportunity for rapid and easy expansion, providing the opportunity to incorporate customer-bespoke features where required.

Each of our facility designs is painstakingly reviewed for ease of maintenance and our systems and controls are designed for ease of operation. Everything is fully risk-assessed to exceed industry expectations, providing a platform to manage both security and health and safety consistently, globally.

Our customers are at the centre of our design process and all of our facilities are designed to maximise ergonomic efficiency, with customer operational workflow and welfare an essential part of our space planning.


We standardise our designs using globally common themes and codes typically far exceeding local requirements. We minimise delivery risks by breaking the programme into a simplified structure, using our in-house construction management team, hand-picked for their international experience, in order to normalise delivery when working in markets where data centres are not an everyday construction task. We design for buildability and enhance speed of delivery through commonality of equipment sourced from strategic partners. Both customers and suppliers can then readily understand our design, operation and processes to make everyone’s life easier. In everything we do, we focus on certainty of outcome; we know what we need to do and exactly how to do it.


Every aspect of Pure’s work is systematically controlled. Vigilance and security are the front line of defence and control. Not only do we utilise government grade security systems but we also operate stringent change controls and oversight to control working practice.

Strict access control is in place to ensure no work happens on site without Risk Assessments and Method Statements. Access to critical plant is controlled by Permits to Access and Permits to Work. Our rigorous aviation grade maintenance regime enables us to ensure customers have full transparency as to how their data centre is being operated.


In data centres 80% of outages are people related, so we take the same, painstaking, experience-based approach to designing our operations to allow for human factors. We staff and operate our facilities with our own resource, with extended pre-opening training and exercising whenever we enter a new market. We invest in quality and experience and set clear missions for each specialist role, whilst bringing on entry-level personnel to train for the future. Every Pure construction project is run by our own in-house project and delivery directors, with our own dedicated on-site supervision and safety management teams operating in-country to overlay local knowledge and expertise. This investment allows us to ensure consistency in quality of delivery and operations wherever we go. We focus on both contractor and internal staff welfare, to ensure we provide a great place to work in order to attract the best people, learning from the knowledge and experience each person brings.

Simplicity Delivers Certainty