Christelle Calderon

Christelle Calderon

Senior Project Manager

Christelle is an architect and skilled project manager with experience in real estate development in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.  

Christelle started her professional career in architecture in 2008 before moving into project management in 2014. Her career as an architect working for the Chicagoan star architect Helmut Jahn spanned several building typologies including airport, museums, office, residential and mixed-use towers. Her career as project manager spanned several building typologies as well, including the reconversion of an industrial historic site in San Francisco working for the Californian developer Orton Development, luxury hotel developments in New York working for the American developer Shorewood Real Estate Group, and other typologies such as offices, a broadcasting studio and a hotel development working for the British consultancy firm Fulkers Bailey Russell in London.

Christelle joined Pure in 2021 and now leads the development of a new data centre in London. Her experience in different real estate sectors world-wide has given her the right skill set to be able to manage complex high-paced developments such as data centres.

Christelle now leads the expansion of our LON01 facility in London.