Global Data Centre expertise and capability

Pure is a company of data centre and operational experts, each bringing expertise in building and operating mission critical systems for aviation, financial services, the military, utilities and governments. Together we design, build and operate data centres for hyperscale clients, matching their internal standards to deliver the availability, service and integrity that they need to pursue their business plans, sustainably and efficiently around the world.

Financial Strength to pursue our strategy

Oaktree Capital Management is a leading global investment management firm with c. $150 billion of assets under management. Oaktree funds hold c. 85% of Pure having committed significant equity to fund Pure’s global development pipeline of new best-in-class data centres. This backing gives Pure the financial firepower to pursue a multi-region hyperscale development growth strategy.

A strong culture promoting responsible progress

Our challenge is not just to build good data centres that perform to the highest possible standards worldwide. It is to build and operate them in the right way. Not just technically but so that the highest standards of sustainability are achieved and local communities are benefitted. This challenge gives us a very clear purpose and makes us think about every element of our business in terms of the impact it has on others and the environment.

Our people make the difference

The diverse knowledge, experience and capability of our team is what brings certainty to our mission. Our combination of experience in the design and operation of critical infrastructure from IT infrastructure to nuclear reactors and power distribution has helped us build a process orientated culture with decision validation at every step. We believe that in the next decades, one of the most critical challenges will be to build the global data capability that is needed for mankind to deliver its aspirations. To meet this challenge safely and sustainably can only be done with the right team, a team we are rightly proud of.

Go Anywhere Fast